© 2017 Bobbie Rae

The Department of Good and Evil relocated between Brooklyn and Berlin, where

Bobbie Rae draws upon the immense pool of musical talent, to create a sound, that

draws deep from jazz's black roots, but remains unencumbered by genre restrictions.


The songs are combining old and new, in a funky, fresh way.

It's an exhilarating new chapter for The Department. It's at a funkier, more focused level all around.

We are looking forward to showing everyone worldwide what we can do.


The amazing new line up features master musicians from Israel, Italy, Canada, Japan and more.

THE DEPARTMENT OF GOOD AND EVIL is currently just finished pre production with another groundbreaking new line up working on the second official release in both Berlin and Brooklyn studios.


The group just finished recording part one of a three ring circus of musical wonderments in 2017 and a taste of that fun can be heard here. It is a "full concept CD", as well as a "Duality Duo CD". There's also another "secret fans only CD". Expect no substitutes and come join us on the road, at our shows and here online! You will be pleasantly surprised.


Enjoy the music, freedom and the pure joy the group felt in making it for you.