The Department Of Good And Evil humbly thanks the following amazing human beings:


The Department team. All of the musicians families and loved ones, who supported us and gave  us light in times of darkness.


Johannes Gottschick and George Baird - two amazing, gifted  and talented engineers,

who brought their skill and artistry to the Party by getting great sounds and bringing positive energies all around.


Photography and concept art:

Konstantin Korchuk and Tania Hahn - brought their epic creativity and endless positivity to every session.


Sarah - Great ideas, great energy and much more.


The Department Of Good And Evil Electric and Acoustic Trio:

Doron Segal - Piano and electric keys

Carmelo Leotta - Bass

Bobbie Rae - Drums


The Department Of Good And Evil free improvised Jazz Duo:

Tobias Tinker - Piano and electric keys

Bobbie Rae - Drums


The Patrons of Good and Evil.

Priceless, amazing people who lent their skills and talents to making this a reality from around the globe.

We thank you!!!


Hamick Rae

Lisa K.

Ronnie and Gene

David Liebmann

Nikolas Shreck


The Berlin Jazz Quartet

Sonja G.

NY's Diamond David S.

Patricia R.



The Department recorded in Berlin 2017


© 2017 Bobbie Rae